Submit SER

The assessor must certify to the best of their knowledge, that the assessment has been completed in accordance with the NS174A SER instructions and meets the requirements of section 111 of the EP&A Act. 

The assessor must certify to the best of their knowledge and belief that: 

  • they have completed this SER in accordance with NS174 Environmental Procedures Supplementary Notes - EIA Guidelines.
  • the information contained in the NS174A SER is neither false nor misleading
  • the project has minor and neither extensive nor complex impacts and can proceed subject to specific controls in the NS174A SER and minimum controls in Ausgrid's NS174C Environmental Handbook.
  • the scope of works includes all construction, maintenance, operation and ancillary activities and accurately reflects the attached design plan.
  • they have completed a site inspection.

When the assessor agrees with the above, the SER is to be submitted as follows: 

  • STEP 1 - Click the 'Submit SER for Review' button at the bottom of the NS174A SER. This will generate a draft email to eforms@ausgrid.com.au with a copy of your 'Draft' NS174A SER attached.
  • STEP 2 - Click 'Send'. Do not alter the email in any way. The email will send the NS174A SER 
    to the Ausgrid form centre database to be registered. Once registered you will receive an email with the registered NS174A SER attached. The status of this NS174A SER will have changed from 'Draft' to 'Awaiting Verification'.
  • STEP 3 - Forward this email with the 'Awaiting Verification' NS174A SER attached to an Ausgrid verifier. If a level 3 item is ticked, forward to Ausgrid's Environmental Services at environmentalservices@ausgrid.com.au. Once verified you will receive a copy of the 'Approved' NS174A SER.

Further information on these steps can be found in the emails that you receive during the process.


1. All assessors are required to have completed Ausgrid's SER Training (within the last  year).
2. A site visit is required to complete the NS174A SER. The verifier may request evidence such as dates, photos etc.
3. The Ausgrid verifier will perform a number of checks. Please be familiar with these checks as any NS174A SER failing these checks will be rejected and will need to be reassessed and resubmitted.