2: Collect Information

There are many issues that could be relevant to your project. Information can be generally categorised into that required to determine: 

  • the assessment/approval process,
  • if an approval/permit is required, and
  • the extent and nature of the impacts.

Most of the information required to prepare a SER is available from one or more of the following sources: 

1. WebGIS EL Internal Server (available to Ausgrid employees only / Chrome compatible) WebGIS EL External Server (Chrome compatible)

2. Site inspection (SER Site Inspection Checklist)

3. Council / authority notification

4. Community consultation

5. Navionics Chart Viewer (electronic navigation charts of marine areas, lakes and rivers).

Further information is provided in EGN 174B SER Guidance Notes that includes links to websites and other resources.

NOTE: The 21/40 day notifications to council is a useful way to help ensure all reasonable means were made to access relevant information. Use the standard template letters when notifying.