3: Approval process

The approval process for new projects depends on 1. What you are doing, and 2. Where you are doing it.

Possible planning approval processes: 

  • The works were previously approved - No assessment is required.
  • The works require a Part 4 DA - Contact Environmental Services.
  • The works are Exempt - No assessment is required.
  • The works require a Part 5 assessment under the EP&A Act - Complete the SER.
  • The works are likely to have a significant affect on the environment - EIS and Minister approval is required

In addition to approval processes above, the works may also require:

- Commonwealth approvals. - works affecting matters of National Environmental Significance.

- External approvals/licences. - works involving dredging a waterway, disturbing Aboriginal relics, working in critical habitat, etc.

- Notifications - to local council, other authorities or occupiers of adjoining land.



The Environmental Planning Calculator will help you determine:

  • whether a SER applies,
  • additional planning approval requirements,
  • external approvals/licenses requirements,
  • notification requirements.

You may need to refer back to the information you collected in Step 2: Collect Information to complete the Environmental Planning Calculator.