Routine Maintenance

All routine maintenance must comply with the controls of Ausgrid's NS174C Environmental Handbook for Construction and Maintenance.

The following high risk activities in sensitive areas will require specific controls as detailed in EGN 150 Environmental management for vegetation maintenance works:

  • clearing, pruning or affecting vegetation or ground cover
  • disturbing bush rock, tree hollows, wetlands, mangroves, nests, aquatic or other sensitive habitats
  • disturbing undisturbed areas
  • disturbing the ground
  • storing equipment, parking vehicles or accessing the site through undisturbed areas
  • inspection and maintenance on land reserved and acquired under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.

 Sensitive areas can be identified using Ausgrid's Web GIS (Environmental Layers).

Ausgrid employees can set up a Web GIS (Environmental Layers) user account here.

Web GIS (Environmental Layers) is restricted to those Ausgrid employees and external contractors with appropriate training and a demonstrated business need. To obtain access to Web GIS (Environmental Layers) email environmentalservices@ausgrid.com.au.


Administrative users can access the Web GIS here .