SER Troubleshooting Tips

Here is a list of the most common problems experienced when completing a SER, registering a SER with the Form Centre and verifying SERs.

1. The SER form won't download using Chrome.

1. Right click your mouse on the link of the PDF you want to download and select 'Save Link as'.

2. Save to your local folder and then open the PDF from there.

2. The SER won't register in the Form Centre.

Character limit - each field in the SER form has a 4000 character limit. Going beyond the limit can prevent the form from registering in the Form Centre.

Project number - the project number must not include symbols such as '&'.

3. The verifier can't verify my SER.

Attachments - to avoid functionality issues during the verification process, attachments should be included by the assessor prior to the form being registered in the Form Centre. If additional attachments are required, the SER will need to be pulled back, attachments added and the form re-registered.

When changes are required prior to verification - changes to a SER prior to verification does not always require a pull back. The system is designed so that you can amend the assessed copy (excluding the project name, number, assessor details and attachments) and forward that amended version directly to the verifier. However problems can occur where an incorrect version of the form has been amended and provided to the verifier. The form centre will reject the form on verification as it is not the version sitting in the form centre.

4. I received a software error when completing the SER.

In some cases a software error can occur when completing the SER. This is because the user has clicked into another text box before code running in the background has finished. Whether this happens depends on a number of factors.

A way to prevent this from happening is to click somewhere on the form before clicking in the next text box.

If an error does happen, you can save, close and re-open the form.

5. I need to change the project name or number / add additional attachments / amend the assessor details.

The changes will require the SER to be pulled back and a new version submitted to the Form Centre.

6. Accessibility on iPads and iPhones.

Adobe smart forms cannot be viewed on mobile devices unless printed to PDF. If saving a verified SER to a job please use the print to PDF function.